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Be unicorn is made of Unicorn tears

But happiness tears, don’t worry.
People say that unicorns are a mythological creature, but we don’t. Unicorns are real and they are around us.

The unicorn is a fabulous animal protagonist of numerous stories and legends. The unicorn origin comes from Ancient Greece, Rome and India. In the Middle Ages it was considered a fabulous animal capable of defeating physically stronger animals, even elephants. Unicorn and Pegasus are compared sometimes but unicorns are symbol of grace and purity. And they have an awesome spiraled horn!!

Now you have online the shop where you can find the best selection of unicorn items: wallet, float, dream catcher, tutu, party invitations, nail art, glasses. Everything on the unicorn world and galaxy.
Also gift ideas for your dauther, sister, wife, lover, mother, cousin, and everybody who loves unicorn things.

Our passion goes far beyond the store, we are a movement in defense of the beauty and ideals of those monoceros, in our blog you will find articles that explore the confines, history and any topic related to the world of unicorns, even diy, party ideas, music, images, associated with them and the magic they represent.

Welcome to our community, enjoy all the products with unicorns that you will find here and complement your life according to you. And of course, do not hesitate to contact us for any type of information or question you want to ask, we will be happy to answer you.

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